Roof Cleaning

Whatcom Windows & Gutters is proud to offer our “Once in a lifetime roof cleaning”. While, we offer a safe and insured method of roof cleaning, the best way to ensure your roofs longevity is to prevent roof moss and extensive maintenance entirely. This is why we offer a comprehensive roof cleaning that allows us to, safely, remove all moss roots from underneath and on-top of your shingles. Once we have thoroughly removed the moss we lay down a preventative and guarantee no roof moss for an entire year. The annual moss warranty is a fraction of the cost of removal and is the only way to guarantee your roofs longevity from moss deterioration.  We recommend renewing the warranty annually to maintain the moss prevention.

Additional details regarding our roof cleaning;

We offer a pressure and water free roof cleaning for all asphalt, cedar shake and tile roofs.

Our moss preventative is environmentally friendly.

We provide live estimates in order to inspect your roof conditions. We will never provide services to damaged roofs and we will never attempt to sell you services that will damage your property. This ensures the protection of your property and our employees safety.



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