Roof Cleaning and Moss Control

Preventing moss growth on your roof is essential to its longevity. This is why we provide a Once in a Lifetime Roof Cleaning.

Our thorough, hands-on roof moss control and cleaning services include:

Roof Cleaning

As a preventive measure, we offer roof blow off to remove dirt, pine needles and leafy debris that can lead to moss and algae growth down the road.

Air Compressor

We use a low psi air compressor to remove the roots of the moss from underneath your shingles without damaging or displacing them. Once we have blown out the moss we touch up with a bristle brush to remove any remaining moss. This allows us to thoroughly remove all moss. Following the removal we lay down a preventative and guarantee no moss growth for one year.


We clean:

  • shingles
  • tiles
  • cedar shake
  • metal roofs

We offer a 1 year guarantee on all of our roof moss control services and will remove any moss that returns within the year for FREE. After initial moss removal treatment, our focus is on annual prevention. We do not pressure wash roofs as this can cause severe damage and is not an insured method of roof cleaning. We always clean our work sights and take all the moss and roof clutter with us.

*Zinc sulfate is a natural mineral, EPA approved and won’t harm your plants, animals or property.