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Roof Cleaning

Whatcom Windows & Gutters is proud to offer our "Once in a lifetime roof cleaning". While, we offer a safe and insured method of roof cleaning, the best way to ensure your roofs longevity is to prevent roof moss and extensive maintenance entirely. This is why we offer a comprehensive roof cleaning that allows us...
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Moss Removal

When removing moss we make sure no damage is done to your roof. We use an air compressor to remove the moss and a bristle brush to remove any moss that the air compressor can’t easily remove. After the cleaning is done we make sure any falling debris on or around your house is taken...
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Roof Anchors

As a licensed contractor we understand the importance of safety. We also understand our clients concern for our own employee’s well-beings. That is why we ensure our own safety with our OSHA approved roof anchors. Our insurance will always cover loss and damage of an accident, but nothing can replace a life. We require anchor...
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